The program for this conference is available via the following link.
Conference Programme

Monday 12 November

14:00 Study visit to Elderly living or a hospital. The study visit starts from A-huset, Sven Hultinsgata 6 at Chalmers
19:00 Welcome reception at Chalmers

Tuesday 13 November

8.15 Registration opens
9.00 Introduction - opening of conference in A-salen, A-huset
Adj. Prof Peter Fröst, Director Centre for Healthcare Architecture
9.15 Keynote and invited speakers
From an international perspective: How Scandinavia can benefit from research on healthcare environments; Prof Roger Ulrich, Chalmers University of technology
10.00 Lean Thinking and Target Value Design: Overcoming the hurdle of first cost; Ass. Prof. Zofia Rybkowski, Texas A&M
10.40 Professional Identity versus Interdisciplinary Development – can you solve that for us? Prof. Mikael Elam, Sahlgrenska
11.20 The Power of Architecture; Prof. Hennu Kjisik, Aalto University
11.55 Actor Network Theory – a new theoretical approach in assisted living architectural research; Ass. Prof. Catharina Nord, Linköping University
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Paper presentation in plenary setting
• Environmental qualities in supported housing facilities for people with severe mental illness: an investigation of separate levels of the environment; Maria Johansson, Lund University
• Use of exit concealment techniques to reduce the unwanted exit attempts in nursing homes: an exploratory study; Sanja Durmisevic & Pauline Mourits , Dutch Centre for Health Assets
• Artwalks and healthcare architecture as curatorial space; Henric Benesch, Chalmers University of Technology
• Integrated model for teaching to design complex healthcare environments in architectural education; Peter Fröst, Chalmers University of Technology
15.00 Coffee break including looking at student projects
15.30 Paper presentation in parallel sessions
Session I Housing and care for Elderly (Room: A-studio)
• Architecture for the silvering society - Architecture competitions as innovators of space for frail older people; Jonas E. Andersson, Royal Institute of Technology
• Promoting design quality in the community residences for the elderly: A comparison between high- vs. low-humanization structures in Sardinia (Italy); Ferdinando Fornara, University of Cagliari
• Adapting a British instrument that measures design quality of residential care for Swedish conditions – challenges and experiences; Susanna Nordin, Dalarna University
• Post-occupancy evaluation of small-scale group-living in larger scale nursing homes; Pauline Mourits, Dutch Centre for Health Assets
Session II Hospital design (Room A-salen)
• Impacts of design features on energy use: A case of human interaction with lighting control devices in hospital environments; Pimkamol Maleetipwan-Mattsson, Lund University
• Virtual environment (CAVE) as a tool for end-user participation in hospital design, a case study; Helina Kotilainen, THL
• Programme Re-configuration: Hospital Buildings, Internal and External workflow conditions, and communicatory benefits; Daniel Koch, Royal Institute of Technology
• Mapping design dialogues in healthcare projects. An empirical study; Johanna Eriksson, Chalmers University of Technology
• Evidenced-based and sustainable design in a high tech hospital environment – a challenge for the future; Sepideh Olausson, University of Borås
19.00 Conference dinner at Blå Huset, Konstepidemin (restaurant Blue House at the Artepidemic)

Wednesday 14 November

08.30 Paper presentation in plenary setting (Room A-salen)
• Operations Management in Healthcare – principles for creating swift even patient flow and increased accessibility; Torbjörn Jacobsson, Chalmers University of Technology
• Value driven ICT for the Briefing Process; Peter Johansson, Jönköping University
• A systematic and evidence-based planning process for new healthcare environments; Marie Elf, Dalarna University
• Visualization tool for increased quality of vision; Monica Billger, Chalmers University of Technology
10.00 Coffee break
10.20 Paper presentation in parallel sessions
Session III Healing Architecture (Room A-salen)
• Healing environments in existing buildings – case Finnish rehabilitation centers; Heidi Rasila, Aalto University
• Wellness and Well-being in the Future – Scenarios for Well-being Centers; Suvi Nenonen, Aalto University
• What does EBD mean to healthcare architecture and to the work of the architect?; Stefan Lundin, Chalmers University of Technology
• Healing Architecture – space for relations; Mette Blicher Folmer, Aalborg University
• Toward a design theory for reducing aggression in psychiatric facilities; Roger S. Ulrich, Chalmers and Aalborg University
Session IV Housing and care for Elderly (Room A-studio)
• Experience of prequalification in competitions for new housing for the elderly; Magnus Rönn, Royal Institute of Technology
• The Dreams and Needs of the Housing for the Elderly; Ira Verma, Aalto University
• Residential Healthcare - Evaluation of apartment layouts for senior persons; Inga Malmqvist, Chalmers University of Technology
• Elderly Living Development in China, Comparing Swedish Situation; Hui Ren, Chalmers University of Technology
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Executive summary and discussion with an academic panel (Room A-salen)
Introduced and lead by Prof. Johan Calltorp
15.00 End of conference

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