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KUL 2014

Lindholmen Conference Centre, Campus Lindholmen

Gothenburg, SE

2014-01-15 – 2014-01-15

Conference on Teaching and Learning.





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KUL 2013

Chalmers Conference Center, Johanneberg

Gothenburg, SE

2013-01-16 – 2013-01-16

Let us talk about how to enhance the students’ learning.

First KUL in January 2011 gathered about 130 enthusiastic teachers, program directors,  students, study councellors and other persons active in Chalmers education. KUL 2012 gathered about 20 more participants.


To enhance the educational quality by:

• promoting collegial discussions on teching and learning
• teachers getting opportunity to get feed-back on their own teaching
• teachers getting a close arena to gain pedagogical qualifications
• offering an opportunity to share experiences of Constructive alignment at program and course level.

Program committee

The committée prepares and organises the program, pre- and post review.

Participants: Mikael Enelund, Magnus Gustafsson, Josefin Bertilsson (student), Marie Arehag, Karin Ekman


Marie Arehag, Coordinator Chalmers Learning Centre
Karin Ekman, Chalmers Learning Centre
KUL is organised by Chalmers Learning Center

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