Presentations and Authors

Human Factors in Ship Design

Bringing Human Tasks into the Mainstream of Ship Design and Operation: Developing a Toolset to Integrate Task Analyses with Systems Engineering PDF
D. Carr, A. Elliott
Design of a Communication Management System on Board in the Framework of e-Navigation Concept PDF
E. Dalinger, F. Motz
Evaluation of a Touch-based User Interface for a Naval Command & Control System PDF
J. Schwarz, O. Witt

Safety and Risk

Mariner Near Misses Influencing Design? PDF
K.P. McSweeney, E.A. Coady, B.N. Craig
Learning from Maritime Accidents by Applying Connectionism Assessment of Human Reliability PDF
K. Loer, J. Holz, G. Athanassiou, O. Straeter
The Effects of Safety Culture on Ship Collision Risk PDF
M. Hänninen

Safety and Survivability

Survivability of Ships at Sea: A Human Factors Perspective PDF
V. Rumawas, B.E. Asbjørnslett
Carbon Dioxide Accumulation within a Totally Enclosed Motor Propelled Survival Craft PDF
A. Baker, A. Kavanagh, V. Thistle, S.N. MacKinnon, A. Simões Ré, J. Power
Donning Time of Marine Abandonment Immersion Suits Under Simulated Evacuation Conditions PDF
S.C. Mallam, G.R. Small, S.N. MacKinnon
The Effect of Hand Immersion in 4°C Water on the Performance of Helicopter Evacuation and Survival Tasks PDF
S.C. Mallam, S.N. MacKinnon

Workload and Fatigue

Experimental study of auditory warning types for ship bridge alert management system PDF
H. Kim, W-H. Ha, S-H. Park
A Study of the Association Between Work Related, Individual, and Environmental Factors on Self-reported Fatigue among Officers Working in the canadian Shipping Industry PDF
L.E. Critch, A. Loucks-Atkinson, S.N. MacKinnon, J. Parsons

Human Resources and Onboard Competence

Complement Modelling for the MHPC Naval Project PDF
M. Woodward

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