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Human Factors in Ship Design

Evaluation of a Touch-based User Interface for a Naval Command & Control System PDF
J. Schwarz, O. Witt

Safety and Risk

Learning from Maritime Accidents by Applying Connectionism Assessment of Human Reliability PDF
K. Loer, J. Holz, G. Athanassiou, O. Straeter

Safety and Survivability

Carbon Dioxide Accumulation within a Totally Enclosed Motor Propelled Survival Craft PDF
A. Baker, A. Kavanagh, V. Thistle, S.N. MacKinnon, A. Simões Ré, J. Power
Donning Time of Marine Abandonment Immersion Suits Under Simulated Evacuation Conditions PDF
S.C. Mallam, G.R. Small, S.N. MacKinnon

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