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Evolution and populations genetics

An effect of optimal harvest on an evolution of population with age structure
Oksana Zhdanova
Evolutionary accessible pathways to global fitness maximum on generalized hypercubes
Marcin Zagórski

Developmental Biology

Computational model of trichome spacing pattern formation on growing linear leaf blade
Ulyana Zubairova, Sergey Nikolaev, Alexey Doroshkov, Dmitry Afonnikov
Application of systems biology approach to analyze the development of wheat leaf pubescence.
Alexey Vladimirovich Doroshkov, Ulyana Zubairova, Mikhail Genaev, Sergey Nikolaev, Tatyana Pshenichnikova, Dmitry Afonnikov


Asymmetrical cell division arising in stem cells and cancer
Ali Ashher Zaidi


Evolution of root and shoot growth allocation in trees
Magnus Lindh, Eddie Wadbro, Lai Zhang, Åke Brännström


Mathematical modeling of hydrodynaimcal activation of intravascular blood coagulation and formation of fibre-like structures in intensive blood flow
Oleksii Rukhlenko, Ksenia Zlobina, Georgy Guria
Integrative modelling and experimental validation of ammonia detoxification after drug induced liver damage
Geraldine Celliere, Ahmed Ghallab, Sebastian Henkel, Stefan Hoehme, Freimut Schliess, Sebastian Zellmer, Jan Hengstler, Dirk Drasdo

Regulatory Networks

Regulation RTK signaling specificity by tuning early endosome distribution
Yannis Kalaidzidis, Roberto Villaseñor, Marino Zerial

Cell and Tissue Biophysics

Uncovering Nuclear Diffusion Barriers in Closed Mitosis
Eder Zavala, Tatiana Marquez-Lago


Role of Noise in Multistable Dynamics of a non-adiabatic Repressilator
Evgeny Volkov, Ilya Potapov, Boris Zhurov