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Evolution and populations genetics

Evolution of condition-dependent immigration
Mats Gyllenberg, Eva Kisdi, Helene Weigang


Computer Simulation of the Metastatic Progression and Treatment Interventions
Anja Bethge, Udo Schumacher, Gero Wedemann
Simple principles can explain the in vivo population dynamics of tissue specific stem cells
Benjamin Werner

Population Dynamics and Conservation Biology

A nonlinear age-structured model of semelparous species
Radosław Wieczorek
Spreading Speeds for Stage Structured Plant Populations in Fragmented Landscapes
Mark Alexander Gilbert, Steven M White, James M Bullock, Eamonn A Gaffney
Estimating effective bounds of population growth in a variable environment
Sonja Radosavljevic, Bengt Ove Turesson, Uno Wennergren, Vladimir Kozlov
Optimization of biogas production in a model for anaerobic digestion with inhibition
Marion Weedermann


Evolution of root and shoot growth allocation in trees
Magnus Lindh, Eddie Wadbro, Lai Zhang, Åke Brännström
Incorporating environmental factors into tick-borne disease models
Adrian Worton
The importance of distance-dependent synchrony of environmental coloured noise in patchy environments
Uno Wennergren
Evolution of dispersal syndromes
Margarete Utz, Hannah Dugdale, Franjo Weissing, Jan Komdeur


Markovian Susceptible-Infectious-Susceptible (SIS) Dynamics on Finite Networks: Endemic Prevalence and Invasion Probability
Robert Wilkinson
Human Behaviour During Epidemics: Results of a Virtual Experiment
Adam Kleczkowski, Savi Maharaj, Susan Rasmussen, Lynn Williams
Optimal treatment- and diagnostic strategies in the context of ‘treatment for prevention’ against HIV-1 in resource-rich and -poor settings
Sulav Duwal, Stefanie Winkelmann, Christof Schütte, Max von Kleist
Stochastic modelling for age-structured dengue epidemiology with and without seasonal variation
Hannah Woodall, Ben Adams


A mathematical model for fluid-glucose-albumin transport in peritoneal dialysis
Roman CHERNIHA, Jacek Waniewski

Regulatory Networks

A Tropical Method based on Newton Polygon Approach for Algebraic Analysis of Biochemical Reaction Networks
Satya Swarup Samal, Ovidiu Radulescu, Dima Grigoriev, Holger Fröhlich, Andreas Weber

Cell and Tissue Biophysics

The Flatness of Lamellipodia Explained by the Interaction Between Actin Dynamics and Membrane Deformation
Christoph Winkler
Using mathematical models to exploit the potential of skin in non-invasive drug monitoring
K A Jane White, Begona Delgado-Charro
Substrate dependend stress fibre organisation dynamics in adult stem cells
Carina Wollnik


Reliability theory for the prediction of osteoarthritis
Francis Woodhouse, Bruce Gardiner, David Smith


How specificity and epidemiology drive the co-evolution of static trait diversity in hosts and parasites
Andy White
Efficient data-driven simulation of infection spread in the Swedish cattle population
Stefan Widgren
Modeling animal disease spread: including several paths of disease spread in a bayesian data-driven approach
Uno Wennergren
Mathematical modelling and numerical simulations of bacterial pattern formation in terms of a complex reaction-diffusion-system
Thomas Horger, Christina Kuttler, Barbara Wohlmuth
A vRNA Structured Population Model of Hepatitis C Virus Dynamics
Wojciech Krzyzanski, Xavier Woot de Trixhe, Filip De Ridder, An Vermeulen
A predator-prey model with time delay and the Mackey-Glass attractor
Gail Wolkowicz
Stochastic processes of mutation, selection and growth in cancer: models and data
Marek Kimmel, Alexandra Jilkine, Cristian Tomasetti, Thomas McDonald, Tomasz Wojdyla
The effect of geometry on morphogenesis in the Arabidopsis embryo
Richard S. Smith, George Bassel, Gabriella Mosca, Pierre Barbier de Reuille, Saiko Yoshida, Dolf Weijers
Robustness of MAPK signalling at various expression levels of Erk1/2
Franziska Witzel, Raphaela Fritsche-Guenther, Anja Sieber, Ricarda Herr, Nadine Schmidt, Sandra Braun, Tilman Brummer, Christine Sers, Nil Blütghen
The sensitivity of oscillatory properties
Katharina Baum, Jana Wolf
Conditions for oscillations in the NF-kB pathway
Jana Wolf
Cell Trafficking Evolutionary Model for Metastatic Breast Cancer
Jeffrey West
Role of the extracellular matrix and lymphatics in fluid volume regulation
Helge Wiig
Power spectra of stochastic reaction-diffusion equations on stochastically growing domains
Thomas Wooley
Efficient data-driven simulation of infection spread in the Swedish cattle population
Stefan Widgren, Pavol Bauer, Stefan Engblom
Incorporating immunological dynamics in transmission models of varicella zoster virus (VZV) and cytomegalovirus (CMV)
Michiel van Boven, Alies van Lier, Marjolein Korndewal, Jacco Wallinga, Hester de Melker