Presentations and Authors

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Evolution and populations genetics

Multi-gene-loci inheritance in resistance modeling for polyploid populations
Antje Vollrath
Macroscopic and microscopic structures of the family tree for a decomposable branching process
Vladimir Alexeevich Vatutin

Developmental Biology

Modelling chemotactic motion of cells in biological tissues
Bakhti Vasiev
A parameter study of a computational angiogenesis model suggests that limited Apelin sensitivity enables tip cells to lead sprouts
Margriet Palm, Marchien Dallinga, Erik van Dijk, Ingeborg Klaassen, Reinier Schlingemann, Roeland Merks


Stochastic models for tumors submitted to a radiotherapy treatment
Pierre Vallois

Population Dynamics and Conservation Biology

Analysis of ecological time series using state-space models
María Soledad Castaño, Hèlene Guis, Jean Vaillant, Thomas Balenghien, Jean-Claude Delécolle, Thierry Baldet, David Pleydell


From Individual to Collective Dynamics in Argentine Ants
Maria Vela, Marco A. Fontelos
A fractional-order diffusion model to predict transgenic pollen dispersal
Emmanuel Hanert, Valentin Vallaeys, Rebecca Tyson, Eric Deleersnijder


Modeling of the spread and control of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis in a metapopulation of cattle herds
Gael Beaunée, Elisabeta Vergu, Pauline Ezanno
Optimal treatment- and diagnostic strategies in the context of ‘treatment for prevention’ against HIV-1 in resource-rich and -poor settings
Sulav Duwal, Stefanie Winkelmann, Christof Schütte, Max von Kleist


A mathematical model to describe the flexibility of energy reserves at cellular scale
Masoomeh Taghipoor, Florence Gondret, Jaap VanMilgen

Regulatory Networks

Reduction of biochemical systems by delayed quasi-steady state assumptions
Tomas Vejchodsky
The search for a core functionality network in chondrocyte differentiation using heuristic and genetic algorithms
Johan Kerkhofs, Hans Van Oosterwyck, Liesbet Geris
Regulation RTK signaling specificity by tuning early endosome distribution
Yannis Kalaidzidis, Roberto Villaseñor, Marino Zerial


Guillermo Vidal Diez de Ulzurrun
Dynamic Flux Balance Analysis for Modeling Lactococcus lactis Mannitol Production
Armando Fernandes, Rafael Costa, Paula Gaspar, Ana Neves, Susana Vinga


Modelling of blood flow and blood coagulation
Vitaly Volpert
A mathematical model for cell differentiation, as an evolutionary and regulated process
Fred Vermolen
A vRNA Structured Population Model of Hepatitis C Virus Dynamics
Wojciech Krzyzanski, Xavier Woot de Trixhe, Filip De Ridder, An Vermeulen
Pulse dynamics in two component, singularly perturbed reaction-diffusion equations
Frits Veerman
Moving interface and free boundary problems that arise in the study of cell motility
Chandrasekhar Venkataraman
Role of Noise in Multistable Dynamics of a non-adiabatic Repressilator
Evgeny Volkov, Ilya Potapov, Boris Zhurov
Pattern formation on curved surfaces: an analytical exploration
Frist Veerman
Unraveling the occurrence of fracture non-unions with a multiscale bioregulatory model
Aurélie Carlier, Nick van Gastel, Geert Carmeliet, Hans Van Oosterwyck, Liesbet Geris
Mathematical modelling of wound infection implications to delayed wound healing
Etelvina Javierre, Fred Vermolen
On minimizers of the bending energy of two-phase biomembranes
Marco Veneroni
Hybrid cell-based modeling of mechanical cell-matrix feedback during collective cell behavior
Roeland M.H Merks, Ren_e F.M. van Oers, Elisabeth G. Rens
Pathogen spread and control on the network of French cattle movements through coupling of intra- and inter-herd models
Elisabeta Vergu, Pauline Ezanno, B. L. Dutta
Modelling HIV virulence evolution in the context of immune escape
Christiaan H. van Dorp, Rob J. de Boer, Michiel van Boven
Incorporating immunological dynamics in transmission models of varicella zoster virus (VZV) and cytomegalovirus (CMV)
Michiel van Boven, Alies van Lier, Marjolein Korndewal, Jacco Wallinga, Hester de Melker
Simulation of cell mechanics in a micropipette aspiration experiment using a highly detail model
Paul van liedekerke, Johannes Neitsch, Bart Smeets, Tim Odenthal, Herman Ramon, Dirk Drasdo