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Impact of extra-cranial venous anomalies on cerebral haemodynamics. Numerical study via a global model
Eleuterio Francisco Toro, Lucas Omar Muller
Modelling of platelet-fibrin clot formation in flow with a DPD-PDE method
Alen Tosenberger
Optimal control applications in blood flow simulations
Jorge Tiago, Telma Guerra, Alberto Gambaruto, Adélia Sequeira
Effective Parameters in Population Genetic Models with Class Structure
Arndt Telschow, Yutaka Kobayashi
Towards a mathematical model for the atherosclerotic plaque formation
Jorge Tiago, Telma Silva, Adélia Sequeira, Rafael Santos
Effects of dispersal and plant genotype on a cyclic herbivore population
Frederic Barraquand, Karen Abbott, Bret Elderd, Rebecca Tyson, Christina Cobbold
Stochastic processes of mutation, selection and growth in cancer: models and data
Marek Kimmel, Alexandra Jilkine, Cristian Tomasetti, Thomas McDonald, Tomasz Wojdyla
Encoding of stimulus intensities by sequences of Ca2+ spikes
Kevin Thurley, Stephen C. Tovey, Gregor Moenke, Victora L. Prince, Abha Meena, Andrew P. Thomas, Alexander Skupin, Colin W. Taylor, Martin Falcke
Biocellion: Accelerating multicellular biological simulation
Ryan Tasseff
Multiscale modelling of cancer cell motility: a predictive model of adhesions, blebbing, and spreading
Melda Tozluoğlu
Plasticity of cancer cell migration: Extracellular matrix derives the optimisation of blebbing, adhesions, and spreading.
Melda Tozluoglu
Thermodynamic limits on noisy cellular sensing
Sorin Tanase-Nicola
Radially Projected Finite Element Method on Evolving Surfaces
Necibe Tuncer
Disentangling human tolerance and resistance against HIV
Roland R. Regoes, Paul J. Mclaren, Manuel Battegay, Enos Bernasconi, Alexandra Calmy, Huldrych F. Günthard, Matthias Hoffmann, Andri Rauch, Amalio Telenti, Jacques Fellay