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Individualised 1D haemodynamics simulations for endovascular procedures and blood flow stimulation
Sergey Simakov, Timur Gamilov, Yuri Ivanov
Tackling the construction of probability distributions arising in Bio-Chemical networks
Vikram Sunkara
Mathematical modelling of intracellular protein dynamics: the importance of active transport along microtubules
Z. Szymanska
Spatio-temporal modelling of gene regulatory networks: transcription factors, negative feedback loops and oscillatory dynamics
M. Sturrock
A mathematical model of clot growth in flowing blood
Jevgenija Pavlova, Antonio Fasano, João Janela, Adélia Sequeira
Optimal control applications in blood flow simulations
Jorge Tiago, Telma Guerra, Alberto Gambaruto, Adélia Sequeira
Towards a mathematical model for the atherosclerotic plaque formation
Jorge Tiago, Telma Silva, Adélia Sequeira, Rafael Santos
Predicting microbial community assembly
William Sloan
Cellular Potts Models for Cell Migration
Marco Scianna
Image-based computational studies of shear-thinning effects in the progression of cerebral aneurysms
Adelia Sequeira
Message passing and moment closure for Susceptible-Infectious-Removed (SIR) epidemic dynamics on networks
Kieran Sharkey
Image-based plant phosphate uptake modelling: a case study for root hairs using synchrotron X-ray CT imaging
Sam D. Keyes, Keith R. Daly, Neil Gostling, Alan Marchant, Ian Sinclair, Tiina Roose
Modeling a Plant Cell Wall: interactions between mechanics and biochemistry
Brian Seguin, Mariya Ptashnyk
The effect of geometry on morphogenesis in the Arabidopsis embryo
Richard S. Smith, George Bassel, Gabriella Mosca, Pierre Barbier de Reuille, Saiko Yoshida, Dolf Weijers
Introduction to SPP-models and description of the problem
Daniel Strömbom
Ultrasensitivity and concentration robustness in bifunctional enzyme systems
Ronny Straube
Ultrasensitivity in phosphorylation cycles with little substrate
Bruno Martins, Peter S. Swain
Robustness of MAPK signalling at various expression levels of Erk1/2
Franziska Witzel, Raphaela Fritsche-Guenther, Anja Sieber, Ricarda Herr, Nadine Schmidt, Sandra Braun, Tilman Brummer, Christine Sers, Nil Blütghen
Encoding of stimulus intensities by sequences of Ca2+ spikes
Kevin Thurley, Stephen C. Tovey, Gregor Moenke, Victora L. Prince, Abha Meena, Andrew P. Thomas, Alexander Skupin, Colin W. Taylor, Martin Falcke
A mathematical model for effect of tumor stroma on rate of metastasis formation
Ardith El-Kareh, Timothy Secomb
Modeling tissues using CompuCell3D
Maciej Swat
EPISIM Platform: Graphical multi-scale modeling and simulation of multicellular systems
Thomas Sütterlin
Quantifying changes in glioma biology with treatment using modeling of edema formation and clinical imaging
Kristin R. Swanson
Regulating Looping in
Anirvan Sengupta
Mechanistic models of multicellular computation
David Swab
One-dimensional model of cytoskeleton dynamics: application to interstitial migration
M.T. Sanchez
Mathematical modeling predicts exponential growth of metastases in lymphatic vessels
Stochastic Modeling of Prion Protein Dynamics and Transmission in Yeast
Suzanne Sindi
Distinguishing between mean-field, moment dynamics and stochastic descriptions of birth death movement processes
Matthew Simpson
Mathematical Neuro-Oncology: Translating Patient-specific Mathematical Modeling of Brain Tumors to Clinical Care
Kristin Swanson
Energetics and evolution.
T.P. Curtis, L. Øvreås, W:T Sloan
Numerical treatment of chemotaxis related heterogeneous dynamics arising in cancer invasion simulations
N. Kolbe, N. Sfakianakis, Lukacova Medvidova, N. Hellman, J. Katuchova
On a multiscale model involving cell contractivity and its e_ects on tumor invasion
Christian Stinner
Variance-reduced simulation of individual-based models for tumor growth
Annelies Lejon, Giovanni Samaey
Identifying Optimal Treatment Protocols for the Treatment of a Bacterial Infection in a Chronic Ischemic Wound Using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Richard Schugart
The coevolution of human antiviral protein APOBEC3G and HIV protein Vif: A theoretical study
Akira Sasaki
Andrea Pugliese, Carmela Sinisgalli, Alberto Gandolfi
Mathematical Modeling of Prion Aggregate Dynamics and Transmission in Yeast
Suzanne S. Sindi
Enzyme-Limited Nucleated Polymerization Model of Prion Aggregation
Jason Karl Davis, Suzanne S. Sindi
Simulation of cell mechanics in a micropipette aspiration experiment using a highly detail model
Paul van liedekerke, Johannes Neitsch, Bart Smeets, Tim Odenthal, Herman Ramon, Dirk Drasdo