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Evolution and populations genetics

Crump-Mode-Jagers branching processes in disease outbreaks
Giacomo Plazzotta, Caroline Colijn
Evolutionary dynamics of site-selection
Kalle Parvinen
Rate of adaptation in sexuals and asexuals: A solvable model of the Fisher-Muller effect
Su-Chan Park, Joachim Krug
Do sheep cheat themselves by mounting weak immune responses: an adaptive dynamics approach
Daniel Balaz, Christina A Cobbold, Michael J Stear, Joaquín Prada Jiménez de Cisneros, Rodney Beard, Louise Matthews
Protection of the durability of major resistance genes to plant viruses with quantitative resistance, a modeling approach.
Elsa Rousseau, Jerome Coville, Alain Palloix, Frederic Fabre, Ludovic Mailleret, Benoit Moury, Frederic Grognard
Can excessive mutation prevent adaptive evolution?
Sophie Penisson
Evolutionary multiplayer games and polynomials in Bernstein form
Jorge Peña
Type distributions on partitions and their ancestry in the Moran model with recombination
Sebastian Probst

Developmental Biology

A parameter study of a computational angiogenesis model suggests that limited Apelin sensitivity enables tip cells to lead sprouts
Margriet Palm, Marchien Dallinga, Erik van Dijk, Ingeborg Klaassen, Reinier Schlingemann, Roeland Merks
Application of systems biology approach to analyze the development of wheat leaf pubescence.
Alexey Vladimirovich Doroshkov, Ulyana Zubairova, Mikhail Genaev, Sergey Nikolaev, Tatyana Pshenichnikova, Dmitry Afonnikov


Therapies targeting hypoxia reduce tumor volume and delay the malignant transition in gliomas
Alicia Martínez-González, Mario Durán-Prado, Gabriel F Calvo, Francisco J Alcaín, Luis A Pérez-Romasanta, Victor M Pérez-García
Mathematical modeling predicts exponential growth kinetics for metastases in the lymphatic vessels in the absence of vascularization
Ruth Elizabeth Griswold, Simona Podgrabinska, Suvendu Das, Boyce E. Griffith, Charles S. Peskin, Mihaela Skobe
Modeling DNA-Methylation Profiles in Ageing and Cancer.
Jens Przybilla, Thimo Rohlf, Joerg Galle
The Role of Stem Cell Plasticity in Ductal Carcinoma
Noemi Picco, Alexander R. A. Anderson
Modeling the regulation of bivalent genes
Joerg Galle, Jens Przybilla

Population Dynamics and Conservation Biology

Traveling wavefronts in population and disease models with nonlocal reaction and delay
Peter Pang
Evolution dynamics of a model for gene duplication under adaptive conflict
Jeong-Man Park
Analysis of ecological time series using state-space models
María Soledad Castaño, Hèlene Guis, Jean Vaillant, Thomas Balenghien, Jean-Claude Delécolle, Thierry Baldet, David Pleydell
Stochastic semigroups in structured population models
Katarzyna Pichor


Mathematical modelling of seasonal migration
John Gerard Donohue, Petri Tomas Piiroinen
Reversible phenotypic plasticity with continuous adaptation
Ferdinand Pfab


New agent-based model for an influenza epidemic spreading in cities.
Valeriy Dmitriy Perminov
Counter-intuitive responses to movement-based disease control measures in livestock
Jamie Christian Prentice
Information Content of Household-stratied Epidemics
Timothy Kinyanjui, Lorenzo Pellis, House Thomas
Using mathematical modelling to design an optimal HIV prevention intervention among female sex workers: insights from Avahan AIDS Initiative in India
Jasmina Panovska-Griffiths


A Mathematical Model for the Interaction of the Proteins MMP-1, TIMP-1, and ECM in a Wound
Hannah Pennington, Nitin Krishna, Richard Schugart, Canaan Coppola
Population-of-controllers model explains heterogeneous insulin secretion experiments
Andrea De Gaetano, Claudio Roberto Gaz, Pasquale Palumbo, Simona Panunzi
A simplified, geometrical approach to the PKPD of inhaled bronchodilators
Claudio Roberto Gaz, Andrea De Gaetano, Simona Panunzi, George Cremona, Beverley Patterson


Simultaneous modeling and clustering of multivariate time series - application to an animal model of alcohol addiction
Lilian Villarín Pildaín, Vineet Kumar, Franziska Matthäus
A simple decision making model for courtship song of Drosophila melanogaster
Birgit Bruggemeier, Mason Alexander Porter, Stephen Goodwin
A one-dimensional moving-boundary model for tubulin-driven axonal growth
Stefan Diehl, Anders Heyden, Stefano Perna

Regulatory Networks

Understanding bistability in yeast glycolysis using general properties of metabolic pathways
Bob Planqué
Modelling Fast CICI Calcium Waves
Zbigniew Peradzynski, Bogdan Kazmierczak
Exact quadratization of nonlinear systems: a useful tool in mathematical biology
Pasquale Palumbo, Francesco Carravetta

Cell and Tissue Biophysics

On the biomechanics of intestinal stem cell niche formation in vitro and in vivo
Peter Buske, Jens Przybilla, Markus Loeffler, Joerg Galle
The effect of plasma membrane compartmentalization on receptor assembly dynamics
Andre Leier, Changjiang You, Tatiana T. Marquez-Lago, Jacob Piehler


How can we approach reaction-diffusion systems with concentrated terms on the rough border of a thin channel?
Marcone Correa Pereira
Extracting T-lymphocyte cell dynamics in biommetic microenvironments
Aysha Alsuwaid, Jeremy Teo Choon Meng, Yanthe E Pearson


Automated multi-cell segmentation and tracking from live bioimaging datasets
Yanthe E. Pearson, Jeremy Teo Choon Meng
Modelling cerebral vasculature based on magnetic resonance angiograms
Krzysztof Psiuk-Maksymowicz


A mathematical model of clot growth in flowing blood
Jevgenija Pavlova, Antonio Fasano, João Janela, Adélia Sequeira
Collective cell movement
Michael Plank
Ruling out Hopf bifurcations in biochemical reaction networks
Casian Pantea
The biogeography of adaptive radiations and the geographic overlap of sister species
Mikael Pontarp
Multiscale techniques in cancer modelling and treatment prediction: A Compucell3D approach
Gibin Powathil
Radiation-induced bystander signals: Role of spatial effects in radiation response
Gibin Powathil
Spatial spread of hepatitis C virus in vivo and in vitro – analyzing single cell dynamics
Fredrik Graw, Harel Dahari, Ruy M. Ribeiro, Alan S. Perelson
Mathematical models of immune responses to hepatitis B virus infection
Stanca Ciupe, Ruy Ribeiro, Alan Parelson
Modelling Root Growth with PDE. The C-root model
Yves Dumont, Thierry Fourcaud, Emilie Peynaud
Density-based approaches to interface models and data in root biology
Dimitris Kalogiros, Michael O. Adu, Xavier Draye, Mariya Ptashnyk, A. Glyn Bengougha, Lionel X. Dupuy
Modeling a Plant Cell Wall: interactions between mechanics and biochemistry
Brian Seguin, Mariya Ptashnyk
Encoding of stimulus intensities by sequences of Ca2+ spikes
Kevin Thurley, Stephen C. Tovey, Gregor Moenke, Victora L. Prince, Abha Meena, Andrew P. Thomas, Alexander Skupin, Colin W. Taylor, Martin Falcke
The effect of T-cell homeostasis on solid and liquid tumors
Mark Robertson-Tessi, Derek Park, Adam Mailloux, Kimberly Luddy, Pearlie Burnette, Alexander Anderson
Role of Noise in Multistable Dynamics of a non-adiabatic Repressilator
Evgeny Volkov, Ilya Potapov, Boris Zhurov
Molecular mechanisms underlying Xenopus retinal stem cell proliferation
Optimization of radiation schedules for proneural gliomas via mathematical modeling
Kevin Leder, Ken Pitter, Eric Hollande, Franziska Michor
Out with the new, in with the old
David Basanta, Arturo Araujo, Color Lynch, Leah Cook, Shilpa Gupta, Jasreman Dhillon, Jong Park, Julio Pow Sang
The specificity-abundance relationship in microbial communities.
Mahendra Mariadassou, Samuel Pichon, Dieter Ebert
Ruling out Hopf bifurcations in biochemical reaction networks
Casian Pantea
Implicit dose-response curves
Mercedes Pérez Millán
How can genetic interactions evolve in response to migration load?
Stephen Proulx
"The biogeography of adaptive radiations and the geographic overlap of sister species"
Mikael Pontarp
Andrea Pugliese, Carmela Sinisgalli, Alberto Gandolfi