Presentations and Authors

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Population Dynamics and Conservation Biology

Estimation of the variance effective population size in age-structured populations
Fredrik Olsson, Ola Hössjer


Modelling Aquatic Viral Dynamics: The Importance of Transmission
Eryll Ogg

Regulatory Networks

Noise propagation in enzymatic reactions under transcriptional repression
Diego A Oyarzún, Jean-Baptiste Lugagne, Guy-Bart V Stan
Extending the Limits of Bifurcation Analysis: an Illustration from Yeast Glycolysis
Gosse Borger Overal

Cell and Tissue Biophysics

A multiscale analysis of tissue growth and nutrient transport in vitro
Reuben O'Dea


Multiscale model for viral kinetics in patients with HCV under direct-acting antiviral therapy
Dimitra Bon, Anita Kohli, Anuoluwapo Osinusi, Shyamasundaran Kottilil, Eva Herrmann
Effective tensor-based methods for the solution of high-dimensional non-stationary problems with the application to the chemical master equation
Ivan Oseledets, Denis Kolesnikov
An approach for pressure-induced mathematical modeling of bacterial pattern formation
Aenne Oelker
Simulation of cell mechanics in a micropipette aspiration experiment using a highly detail model
Paul van liedekerke, Johannes Neitsch, Bart Smeets, Tim Odenthal, Herman Ramon, Dirk Drasdo