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Evolution and populations genetics

The Classification of Protein Domains into Families and Clans through Entropy Measures based Methods
Rubem P. Mondaini
Minimum Hellinger distance estimation for Controlled Branching Processes
Carmen Minuesa Abril
Modeling the impact of selection in protein coding genes
Carina Farah Mugal, Ingemar Kaj
Measures of natural selection in protein coding genes
Carina Farah Mugal, Ingemar Kaj
Do sheep cheat themselves by mounting weak immune responses: an adaptive dynamics approach
Daniel Balaz, Christina A Cobbold, Michael J Stear, Joaquín Prada Jiménez de Cisneros, Rodney Beard, Louise Matthews
Protection of the durability of major resistance genes to plant viruses with quantitative resistance, a modeling approach.
Elsa Rousseau, Jerome Coville, Alain Palloix, Frederic Fabre, Ludovic Mailleret, Benoit Moury, Frederic Grognard

Developmental Biology

Model and Simulation of Actin-dependent Cell Movement
Angelika Manhart
A parameter study of a computational angiogenesis model suggests that limited Apelin sensitivity enables tip cells to lead sprouts
Margriet Palm, Marchien Dallinga, Erik van Dijk, Ingeborg Klaassen, Reinier Schlingemann, Roeland Merks
A selection criterion for spatial patterns in reaction-diffusion systems
Tatiana T. Marquez-Lago
The tool to study plant hormone auxin distribution in the plant root
Fedor Kazantsev, Victoria V Mironova
Modelling and analysis of filopodia extension regulated by VEGF-Delta-Notch signalling in angiogenic tip-cell selection
Sunny Modhara


Therapies targeting hypoxia reduce tumor volume and delay the malignant transition in gliomas
Alicia Martínez-González, Mario Durán-Prado, Gabriel F Calvo, Francisco J Alcaín, Luis A Pérez-Romasanta, Victor M Pérez-García
A systems approach to studying collective migration of cancer cells
Alistair Mark Middleton, Damian Stichel, Franziska Matthaeus
Mathematical modelling of the dynamics of multiple myeloma cell accumulation
Marcel Mohr
Stochastic tunneling of two mutations in a population of cancer cells
Hiroshi Haeno, Yosef E Maruvka, Yosef E Maruvka, Yoh Iwasa, Yoh Iwasa, Franziska Michor, Franziska Michor
Towards patient-specific biology-driven heterogeneous radiation planning: using a computational model of tumor growth to identify novel radiation sensitivity signatures.
Jacob Gardinier Scott, Alexander G Fletcher, Claire L Timlin, David Basanta, Alexander R A Anderson, Philip K Maini

Population Dynamics and Conservation Biology

On optimization of substrate removal in a bioreactor with biofilms and suspended biomass
Alma Masic, Hermann J Eberl
Optimal natural enemies deployment in patchy environments for augmentative biological control
Bapan GHOSH, Frédéric Grognard, Ludovic Mailleret
Modelling populations subjected to pulsed taking regimes
Ludovic Mailleret, Valérie Lemesle, Frédéric M Hamelin, Vincent Calcagno, Frédéric Grognard


Niche theory for a complicated world
Géza Meszéna, György Barabás, András Szilágyi
The ecology of wildlife disease surveillance
Glenn Marion
Emergence of diversity-stability-productivity relationships in a generic multi-species resource competition framework
Stephen Catterall, Glenn Marion


Assessment of the invasion speed of triatomine populations, vectors of Chagas disease
Tewfik Mahdjoub, Christopher Kribs-Zaleta
Vaccination and Clinical Severity: Is the Effectiveness of Contact Tracing and Case Isolation Hampered by Past Vaccination
Kenji Mizumoto
Epidemic spread on weighted networks – the impact of casual contacts
Christel Kamp, Mathieu Moslonka-Lefebvre, Samuel Alizon
Human Behaviour During Epidemics: Results of a Virtual Experiment
Adam Kleczkowski, Savi Maharaj, Susan Rasmussen, Lynn Williams
An opportunistic diesases model
Marcos Marva
Evaluation of tuberculosis control programs in low-burden settings
Giorgio Guzzetta, Marco Ajelli, Denise Kirschner, Stefano Merler


A signal integration model of thymic selection and natural regulatory T cell commitment
Sahamoddin Khailaie, Philippe A Robert, Toker Arras, Jochen Hühn, Michael Meyer-Hermann


Modeling of regulatory loops controlling galactolipid biosynthesis in the inner envelope membrane of chloroplasts
Eric Maréchal, Olivier Bastien


Simultaneous modeling and clustering of multivariate time series - application to an animal model of alcohol addiction
Lilian Villarín Pildaín, Vineet Kumar, Franziska Matthäus

Regulatory Networks

Modeling and analysis of a gene-regulatory feed-forward loop with basal expression of the second regulator
Louisa Roselius, Dirk Langemann, Johannes Müller, Burghard Hense, Dieter Jahn, Richard Münch
Time delays in stochastic models of gene regulation
Jacek Miękisz
From signaling processes to large-scale behavior - E.coli chemotaxis, search strategy and pattern formation
Franziska Matthäus
Mathematical Analysis and Joint Modeling of the M2 Receptor-dependent Signaling And Secondary Messenger Network in CHO Cells
Benjamin Engelhardt, Ramona Schrage, Christian Tränkle, Klaus Mohr, Maik Kschischo, Holger Fröhlich
Exploiting stochastic focusing for noise reduction through feedback
Andreas Milias-Argeitis, Pavol Bauer, Stefan Engblom, Mustafa Khammash
Non-classic effects in stochastic gene expression
Tatiana T. Marquez-Lago

Cell and Tissue Biophysics

Uncovering Nuclear Diffusion Barriers in Closed Mitosis
Eder Zavala, Tatiana Marquez-Lago
Modeling the Directional Growth of Aggregated Archaeal Cells
Viktor Milkevych, Damien Batstone
The effect of plasma membrane compartmentalization on receptor assembly dynamics
Andre Leier, Changjiang You, Tatiana T. Marquez-Lago, Jacob Piehler
Mathematical modeling of mechanical cell-extracellular matrix interactions
Elisabeth Geraldine Rens, Roeland Merks


Automated Characterization of Cell Tracks Based on Local Migration Behaviour
Zeinab Mokhtariasl


Some issues in modeling the atherosclerosis process
Bérénice Grec, Bertrand Maury, Nicolas Meunier, Laurent Navoret, Annie RAOULT
The interplay of infectivity that decreases with virulence and limited cross-immunity: (toy) models for respiratory disease evolution
Hans (J.A.J.) Metz
Adam Moroz
Impact of extra-cranial venous anomalies on cerebral haemodynamics. Numerical study via a global model
Eleuterio Francisco Toro, Lucas Omar Muller
Mathematical modeling of auxin transport in root meristem of pin mutants
Victoria V Mironova, Fedor Kazantsev
Synergy of vacuolation and cell-cell repulsion in lumen formation
Sonja Boas, Roeland Merks
The Cellular Potts Model in the context of Cell Surface Mechanics
Stan Maree
Time delays in stochastic models of evolutionary games
Jacek Miekisz
Rapid adaptation from standing variance and de novo mutation: a general deterministic approximation
Guillaume Martin
Nonlinearities in continuous-space moment equation models: possible insights from Taylor expansions
Frederic Barraquand, David Murrell
Spatial correlations in a multi-species model
Deborah C Markham
Models for regeneration: reconciling pattern formation and growth
Hans Meinhardt
Effect of various doses of alisporivir alone or in combination with Peg‐IFN on the early viral kinetics: a modeling approach
Jérémie Guedj, Thi Huyen Tram Nguyen, France Mentré, Micha Levi, Nikolai Naoumov, Jing Ju
Stochastic processes of mutation, selection and growth in cancer: models and data
Marek Kimmel, Alexandra Jilkine, Cristian Tomasetti, Thomas McDonald, Tomasz Wojdyla
Understanding the paradoxical effects of katanin microtuble severing on the self-organisation of the plant cortical array
Eva E. Deinum, Simon H. H Tindemans, Bela M. Mulder
Image-based plant phosphate uptake modelling: a case study for root hairs using synchrotron X-ray CT imaging
Sam D. Keyes, Keith R. Daly, Neil Gostling, Alan Marchant, Ian Sinclair, Tiina Roose
At the crossroads: how auxin biases positioning of asymmetric cell divisions in the root meristem
Athanasius F M (Stan) Marée
The effect of geometry on morphogenesis in the Arabidopsis embryo
Richard S. Smith, George Bassel, Gabriella Mosca, Pierre Barbier de Reuille, Saiko Yoshida, Dolf Weijers
Ultrasensitivity in phosphorylation cycles with little substrate
Bruno Martins, Peter S. Swain
Encoding of stimulus intensities by sequences of Ca2+ spikes
Kevin Thurley, Stephen C. Tovey, Gregor Moenke, Victora L. Prince, Abha Meena, Andrew P. Thomas, Alexander Skupin, Colin W. Taylor, Martin Falcke
The effect of T-cell homeostasis on solid and liquid tumors
Mark Robertson-Tessi, Derek Park, Adam Mailloux, Kimberly Luddy, Pearlie Burnette, Alexander Anderson
Modeling animal tissues in VirtualLeaf: Towards an off-lattice Cellular `Potts’ model
Roeland Merks
Simple numerical techniques for reaction-diffusion on general geometry
Colin Macdonald
Pattern formation in morphogenesis on evolving biological surfaces: Theory, numerics and applications
Anotida Madzvamuse
Extending he canonical equation of adaptive dynamics to Mendelian populations with any population structure: replace the population size by the effective population size from population genetics
J.A.J. (Hans) Metz
In‐silico glioma models: what can we take advantage for the clinical practice?
Alicia Martínez‐González
A Path-based Approach to Random Walks on Landscapes, with Applications to How Proteins Evolve New Function
Michael Manhart
Emergence of criticality in living systems through adaptation and evolution: Practice Makes Critical
Amos Maritan
Statistical mechanics of nucleosome crowding in yeast
Alexandre Morozov
Toxin-Antitoxin Battle in Bacteria
Namiko Mitarai
An evolutionary model of micrometastatic progression: are driver mutations in the primary tumor important?
Christopher McFarland
A Combined Experimental and Numerical Study of Guidance Cues in the Developing Murine Retina
Optimization of radiation schedules for proneural gliomas via mathematical modeling
Kevin Leder, Ken Pitter, Eric Hollande, Franziska Michor
Simple numerical techniques for reaction-diffusion on general geometry.
Colin Mcdonald
A Computational Model for Eukaryotic Cell Migration and Chemotaxis
John MacKenzie, R.H Insall, M Nolan
The specificity-abundance relationship in microbial communities.
Mahendra Mariadassou, Samuel Pichon, Dieter Ebert
Graph-theoretic conditions for multistationarity for mass-conserved biochemical networks
Maya Mincheva
Community dynamics and the evolution of dispersal
Francois Massol
Rapid adaptation from standing variance and de novo mutation: a general deterministic approximation
Guillaume Martin
Numerical treatment of chemotaxis related heterogeneous dynamics arising in cancer invasion simulations
N. Kolbe, N. Sfakianakis, Lukacova Medvidova, N. Hellman, J. Katuchova
Mathematical models of cancer invasion of tissue: local and nonlocal interactions
Cristian Morales Rodrigo
Mathematical modelling and numerical simulations of actin dynamics in the eukaryotic cell
Anotida Madzvamuse
Hybrid cell-based modeling of mechanical cell-matrix feedback during collective cell behavior
Roeland M.H Merks, Ren_e F.M. van Oers, Elisabeth G. Rens
Stochastic simulation of di ffusion on unstructured meshes via first exit times.
Lina Meinecke
Disentangling human tolerance and resistance against HIV
Roland R. Regoes, Paul J. Mclaren, Manuel Battegay, Enos Bernasconi, Alexandra Calmy, Huldrych F. Günthard, Matthias Hoffmann, Andri Rauch, Amalio Telenti, Jacques Fellay
Identifying host immune factors that drive epidemic dynamics in a multi-scale model of tuberculosis
Giorgio Guzzetta, Marco Ajelli, Denise Kirschner, Stefano Merle