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Evolution and populations genetics

Non-monotonic effects of migration in subdivided populations
Pierangelo Lombardo, Luca Dall'Asta, Andrea Gambassi
Spatial model of stress-induced transposon proliferation.
Mateusz Kitlas, Michał Startek, Arnaud Le Rouzic, Dariusz Grzebelus, Anna Gambin
The impact of sexual vs. asexual reproduction on transposon proliferation dynamics
Krzysztof Gogolewski, Anna Gambin, Dariusz Grzebelus, Arnaud Le Rouzic, Michał Startek
On the existence and stability of equilibrium probability measures in Gaussian mutator models with environmental stress within Fisher's geometric framework.
Michał Piotr Startek, Arnaud Le Rouzic, Anna Gambin
The Right Word in the Right Place? Using an evolutionary model to link codon usage bias to an organism’s fitness.
Jan-Hendrik Trösemeier, Susanne Lipp, Holger Lößner, Ina Koch, Christel Kamp


Using process algebra to quantify the radiation induced bystander effect
Rachel Lintott
Find the Glass Phase Transition Properties in a multi-cell model for tumorogenesis
Yuting Lou

Population Dynamics and Conservation Biology

A multivariate SDE model for the time evolution of death rates with an application to the Portuguese population
Sandra Lagarto, Carlos A. Braumann, Dulce Gomes
Pareto-efficient fishing strategies allow large conservation benefits for small costs in yield
Niklas L.P. Lundström
Modelling populations subjected to pulsed taking regimes
Ludovic Mailleret, Valérie Lemesle, Frédéric M Hamelin, Vincent Calcagno, Frédéric Grognard
Logistic approximations and their consequences for bifurcations patterns and long-run dynamical behavior
Torsten Axel Lindström


Grazing strategies for the control of gastrointestinal nematodes in sheep: a stochastic model in a seasonal environment.
Martin Lopez Garcia
Evolution of root and shoot growth allocation in trees
Magnus Lindh, Eddie Wadbro, Lai Zhang, Åke Brännström
Games of Corruption: How to Suppress Illegal Logging.
JoungHun Lee, Karl Sigmund, Ulf Dieckmann, Yoh Iwasa


Measuring Disease Spread in Stochastic Epidemic Models
M J Lopez-Herrero
STIs on dynamic partnership networks -- characterizing R_0
Ka Yin Leung, Mirjam Kretzschmar, Odo Diekmann
Combining statistical and dynamic modelling approaches to within-host analysis of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) virus infections
Zeenath Islam, Stephen C Bishop, Nicholas J Savil, Raymond R. R. Rowland, Joan K Lunney, Benjamin Trible, Andrea Doeschl-Wilson
Exploring viral evolution to characterise HCV transmission dynamics in a high-risk prison population
Fabio Luciani
Discretization of the SIS-Volterra model by nonstandard finite difference method
Jean M-S Lubuma, Yibeltal A Terefe
Optimal vaccination policies as Mean Field Games equilibriums
Laetitia Laguzet


Reaction diffusion equations and the chronification of liver infections
Dirk Langemann
Modelling HTLV-I as a Multi-Locus System
Aaron G Lim


Mathematical Models of Retinal Degeneration
Paul Roberts, Helen Byrne, Alexander Foss, Phil Luthert, Eamonn Gaffney

Regulatory Networks

Noise propagation in enzymatic reactions under transcriptional repression
Diego A Oyarzún, Jean-Baptiste Lugagne, Guy-Bart V Stan
Autocrine FGF feedback can establish distinct states of Nanog expression in pluripotent stem cells
Dora Lakatos
Modeling and analysis of a gene-regulatory feed-forward loop with basal expression of the second regulator
Louisa Roselius, Dirk Langemann, Johannes Müller, Burghard Hense, Dieter Jahn, Richard Münch
Relaxation oscillator dynamics of MAPK cascade enabled by local excitation–global inhibition
Marek Kochanczyk, Emilia Kozlowska, Pawel Kocieniewski, Joanna Jaruszewicz, William S. Hlavacek, Tomasz Lipniacki
p53 regulatory module controlling cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in response to irradiation
Marta Bogdał, Beata Hat, Marek Kochańczyk, Tomasz Lipniacki

Cell and Tissue Biophysics

On the biomechanics of intestinal stem cell niche formation in vitro and in vivo
Peter Buske, Jens Przybilla, Markus Loeffler, Joerg Galle
Computational Studies of B-Z transitions in DNA
Nam-Kyung Lee, Ah-Young Kwon
The effect of plasma membrane compartmentalization on receptor assembly dynamics
Andre Leier, Changjiang You, Tatiana T. Marquez-Lago, Jacob Piehler


Benchmarking analysis methods for live cell single particle tracking using simulated microscopy
Martin Lindén, Johan Elf
Combining kinetic modeling and transcriptomic analysis to study the resilience on a model cheese reduced ecosystem
Frédéric Fer, Jean-Marie Beckerich, Béatrice Laroche, Sébastien Gaucel, Julie Aubert
Cross-feeding as a game
Torbjörn Lundh
Evolutionary Exploration of the Finitely Repeated Prisoners Dilemma - The Effect of Out-of-Equilibrium Play
Kristian Lindgren
Interface instabilities in bacterial biofilms
Laoshen Li
Effect of various doses of alisporivir alone or in combination with Peg‐IFN on the early viral kinetics: a modeling approach
Jérémie Guedj, Thi Huyen Tram Nguyen, France Mentré, Micha Levi, Nikolai Naoumov, Jing Ju
Retinal Plasticity: Mathematical modelling of positional information of sub-apical neurons
The effect of T-cell homeostasis on solid and liquid tumors
Mark Robertson-Tessi, Derek Park, Adam Mailloux, Kimberly Luddy, Pearlie Burnette, Alexander Anderson
Tensor-based parametric analysis of stochastic genetic regulatory network
Shuohao Liao
Modeling dose‐painting effects in radiotherapy by means of an agent based model
Juan Carlos López Alfonso
The role of VEGF-C and CCR7/CCL21 in Tumor Lymphangiogenesis.
Optimization of radiation schedules for proneural gliomas via mathematical modeling
Kevin Leder, Ken Pitter, Eric Hollande, Franziska Michor
Out with the new, in with the old
David Basanta, Arturo Araujo, Color Lynch, Leah Cook, Shilpa Gupta, Jasreman Dhillon, Jong Park, Julio Pow Sang
Metagenomic data analysis and integration in a functional population model of fiber degradation by the human intestinal microbiota.
Béatrice Laroche, Marion Leclerc, Sébastien Raguideau
Combining kinetic modeling and transcriptomic analysis to study the resilience on a model cheese reduced ecosystem
Frédéric Fer, Jean-Marie Beckerich, Sébastien Gaucel, Julie Aubert, Béatrice Laroche
Variance-reduced simulation of individual-based models for tumor growth
Annelies Lejon, Giovanni Samaey
Immunology and epidemiology of hepatitis C virus: plenty of data for a nested model approach.
Fabio Luciani