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Dynamics of p53 in single cells: A spatio-temporal reaction-diffusion PDE model for activation and regulation of p53
Elias Jan, Luna Dimitrio, Jean Clairambault, Roberto Natalini
A mathematical model of clot growth in flowing blood
Jevgenija Pavlova, Antonio Fasano, João Janela, Adélia Sequeira
Game theory and adaptation of reproductive phenology to climate change in birds with dominance hierarchies
Jacob Johannsson
The role of quorum-sensing architecture in determining bacterial population behaviour
Sara Jabbari
Clonal evolution of human intestinal stem cell niches
Marnix Jansen
Effect of various doses of alisporivir alone or in combination with Peg‐IFN on the early viral kinetics: a modeling approach
Jérémie Guedj, Thi Huyen Tram Nguyen, France Mentré, Micha Levi, Nikolai Naoumov, Jing Ju
Stochastic processes of mutation, selection and growth in cancer: models and data
Marek Kimmel, Alexandra Jilkine, Cristian Tomasetti, Thomas McDonald, Tomasz Wojdyla
Computational Modelling of Planar Cell Polarity in the Arabidopsis Root Epidermis
Bettina Greese, Markus Grebe, Henrik Jönsson
Understanding plant shoot development - a Computational Morphodynamics approach
Henrik Jönsson
CellSys: Modular software for physics-based tissue modelling in 3D
Tim Johann
Retinal angiogenesis and vascular pathology in response to hypoxia
Analysis of open chemical reaction networks governed by mass-action kinetics
Bayu Jayawardhana
Mathematical modelling of wound infection implications to delayed wound healing
Etelvina Javierre, Fred Vermolen