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Evolution and populations genetics

Crump-Mode-Jagers branching processes in disease outbreaks
Giacomo Plazzotta, Caroline Colijn
Direct evidence of the strong co-evolution of somatic and organelle genomes
Michael Sadovsky, Anna Chernyshova
Repair and not segregation of damage is the optimal unicellular ageing strategy
Robert J Clegg, Rosemary J Dyson, Jan-Ulrich Kreft
Do sheep cheat themselves by mounting weak immune responses: an adaptive dynamics approach
Daniel Balaz, Christina A Cobbold, Michael J Stear, Joaquín Prada Jiménez de Cisneros, Rodney Beard, Louise Matthews
Protection of the durability of major resistance genes to plant viruses with quantitative resistance, a modeling approach.
Elsa Rousseau, Jerome Coville, Alain Palloix, Frederic Fabre, Ludovic Mailleret, Benoit Moury, Frederic Grognard
Continuous approximations of Discrete Processes
Fabio Chalub, Max Souza


Therapies targeting hypoxia reduce tumor volume and delay the malignant transition in gliomas
Alicia Martínez-González, Mario Durán-Prado, Gabriel F Calvo, Francisco J Alcaín, Luis A Pérez-Romasanta, Victor M Pérez-García
Multiscale modelling and analysis for cancer development: exploring the role of matrix-degrading enzymes and adhesion in invasion
Dumitru Trucu, Mark A. J. Chaplain
Modelling the role of adhesion in the heterogeneous dynamics of cancer invasion
Pia Domschke, Dumitru Trucu, Alf Gerisch, Mark Chaplain

Population Dynamics and Conservation Biology

Modelling populations subjected to pulsed taking regimes
Ludovic Mailleret, Valérie Lemesle, Frédéric M Hamelin, Vincent Calcagno, Frédéric Grognard
Analysis of ecological time series using state-space models
María Soledad Castaño, Hèlene Guis, Jean Vaillant, Thomas Balenghien, Jean-Claude Delécolle, Thierry Baldet, David Pleydell
Bayesian method for assessing environmental pollution effects on organism dynamic energy budget
Baba Issa Camara
Symmetry based methods for constructing exact solutions of the diffusive Lotka-Volterra system


Response of Poikilotherms to Extreme Temperature Events
Rebecca C. Tyson, Garrett Culos
Emergence of diversity-stability-productivity relationships in a generic multi-species resource competition framework
Stephen Catterall, Glenn Marion


Size matters: Mathematical modeling of the type-1 interferon induction
Lars Kaderali, Diana Clausznitzer


A Mathematical Model for the Interaction of the Proteins MMP-1, TIMP-1, and ECM in a Wound
Hannah Pennington, Nitin Krishna, Richard Schugart, Canaan Coppola
Model of the dynamics of food intake, body weight and energy expenditure in rats
Marine Jacquier, Fabien Crauste, Christophe Soulage, Hédi Soula
Integrative modelling and experimental validation of ammonia detoxification after drug induced liver damage
Geraldine Celliere, Ahmed Ghallab, Sebastian Henkel, Stefan Hoehme, Freimut Schliess, Sebastian Zellmer, Jan Hengstler, Dirk Drasdo
A simplified, geometrical approach to the PKPD of inhaled bronchodilators
Claudio Roberto Gaz, Andrea De Gaetano, Simona Panunzi, George Cremona, Beverley Patterson
A mathematical model for fluid-glucose-albumin transport in peritoneal dialysis
Roman CHERNIHA, Jacek Waniewski

Regulatory Networks

Gianluca Selvaggio, Pedro M. B. M. Coelho, Armindo Salvador
Multi-parameter sensitivity analysis based on the conditional mutual information.
Agata Charzyńska
Exact quadratization of nonlinear systems: a useful tool in mathematical biology
Pasquale Palumbo, Francesco Carravetta

Cell and Tissue Biophysics

Describing and quantifying the binding pathway of Histone H1
Gustavo Carrero, Carlos Contreras, Carlos Contreras, Michael J. Hendzel
Biomechanics of tissue movements
Andras Czirok


Extracting T-lymphocyte cell dynamics in biommetic microenvironments
Aysha Alsuwaid, Jeremy Teo Choon Meng, Yanthe E Pearson
Dynamic Flux Balance Analysis for Modeling Lactococcus lactis Mannitol Production
Armando Fernandes, Rafael Costa, Paula Gaspar, Ana Neves, Susana Vinga


Automated multi-cell segmentation and tracking from live bioimaging datasets
Yanthe E. Pearson, Jeremy Teo Choon Meng


Microbiology's N-body problem: How should we estimate the rate of metabolite exchange in spatially structured populations?
Robert J Clegg, Rosemary J Dyson, Jan-Ulrich Kreft
Spatio-temporal modelling of gene regulatory networks and intracellular signalling pathways
Mark AJ Chaplain
Modelling and numerical simulation of cellular molecular signaling
Andrea Cangiani
Dynamics of p53 in single cells: A spatio-temporal reaction-diffusion PDE model for activation and regulation of p53
Elias Jan, Luna Dimitrio, Jean Clairambault, Roberto Natalini
Combinatorial Aspects of Parker’s model
Chris Cannings
A quantitative data-driven model of cell proliferation and cell migration in the axolotl spinal cord regeneration
Osvaldo Chara
Size matters: Mathematical modelling of the type‐1 interferon induction
Diana Clausznitzer, Lars Kaderali
Mathematical models of immune responses to hepatitis B virus infection
Stanca Ciupe, Ruy Ribeiro, Alan Parelson
Effects of dispersal and plant genotype on a cyclic herbivore population
Frederic Barraquand, Karen Abbott, Bret Elderd, Rebecca Tyson, Christina Cobbold
Coupling biochemical models to physics of transport in leaf physiology
Ansgar Bohmann, Andrés Chavarría-Krauser
Modeling of Zinc Uptake and Transport in Plant Roots
Juliane Claus, Andrés Chavarría-Krauser
Mechanisms of lymphangiogenesis and metastasis
Yihai Cao
Out with the new, in with the old
David Basanta, Arturo Araujo, Color Lynch, Leah Cook, Shilpa Gupta, Jasreman Dhillon, Jong Park, Julio Pow Sang
Energetics and evolution.
T.P. Curtis, L. Øvreås, W:T Sloan
Elimination of Intermediate Species in the Stochastic Reaction Networks
Daniele Cappelletti
A multi-locus, haploid-selection, symmetric-viability model
Jeffrey Chasnov
Unraveling the occurrence of fracture non-unions with a multiscale bioregulatory model
Aurélie Carlier, Nick van Gastel, Geert Carmeliet, Hans Van Oosterwyck, Liesbet Geris
Disentangling human tolerance and resistance against HIV
Roland R. Regoes, Paul J. Mclaren, Manuel Battegay, Enos Bernasconi, Alexandra Calmy, Huldrych F. Günthard, Matthias Hoffmann, Andri Rauch, Amalio Telenti, Jacques Fellay
Evolution of senescence in heterogeneous landscapes
Olivier Cotto