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Evolution and populations genetics

N. gonorrhoeae NG-MAST genotype and antibiotic resistance profile: is there any correlation?
Konstantin Konstantinovich Avilov

Developmental Biology

Computational model of trichome spacing pattern formation on growing linear leaf blade
Ulyana Zubairova, Sergey Nikolaev, Alexey Doroshkov, Dmitry Afonnikov
Application of systems biology approach to analyze the development of wheat leaf pubescence.
Alexey Vladimirovich Doroshkov, Ulyana Zubairova, Mikhail Genaev, Sergey Nikolaev, Tatyana Pshenichnikova, Dmitry Afonnikov
Simulating multicellular systems using subcellular element approximations
Majid Abedi


Therapies targeting hypoxia reduce tumor volume and delay the malignant transition in gliomas
Alicia Martínez-González, Mario Durán-Prado, Gabriel F Calvo, Francisco J Alcaín, Luis A Pérez-Romasanta, Victor M Pérez-García
Theoretical investigation of the effect of methylation on deoxy cytidine- deoxy guanosine dinucleotide
Nastaran Asghari Asghari Moghaddam
The Role of Stem Cell Plasticity in Ductal Carcinoma
Noemi Picco, Alexander R. A. Anderson
Towards patient-specific biology-driven heterogeneous radiation planning: using a computational model of tumor growth to identify novel radiation sensitivity signatures.
Jacob Gardinier Scott, Alexander G Fletcher, Claire L Timlin, David Basanta, Alexander R A Anderson, Philip K Maini

Population Dynamics and Conservation Biology

Vitalii V. Akimenko
An optimal control problem for a reaction-diffusion model of invasive species
Narcisa Apreutesei
Weakly Supercritical Branching Random Walks
Ekaterina Antonenko
Global solvability and stability of equilibrium of multi-species model with cross diffusion
Herve Michel DJOUOSSEU TENKAM, Roumen Anguelov


Julia Amador
Treatment provision in spatially structured models for environmentally transmitted infections
Katy Gaythorpe, Ben Adams
Epidemic spread on weighted networks – the impact of casual contacts
Christel Kamp, Mathieu Moslonka-Lefebvre, Samuel Alizon
Stochastic modelling for age-structured dengue epidemiology with and without seasonal variation
Hannah Woodall, Ben Adams
Evaluation of tuberculosis control programs in low-burden settings
Giorgio Guzzetta, Marco Ajelli, Denise Kirschner, Stefano Merler


A signal integration model of thymic selection and natural regulatory T cell commitment
Sahamoddin Khailaie, Philippe A Robert, Toker Arras, Jochen Hühn, Michael Meyer-Hermann

Regulatory Networks

The cell nucleus regulates not only the dynamics of gene expression, but also its noise.
Jaroslav Albert

Cell and Tissue Biophysics

Breast Cancer and TGFb signaling
Gianluca Ascolani


Extracting T-lymphocyte cell dynamics in biommetic microenvironments
Aysha Alsuwaid, Jeremy Teo Choon Meng, Yanthe E Pearson


The effect of linked selection on invasion and survival of locally beneficial mutations
Simon Aeschbacher, Reinhard Buerger
Where signal and noise collide: qualitative effects of stochasticity on population fluctuations
Karen C. Abbott
Collective-Risk dilemmas and Risky Climate Game
Maria Abou Chakra
Metagenomics data analysis using a latent block model: application to plant-microbial communities interactions in the rhizosphere
Julie Aubert
Combining kinetic modeling and transcriptomic analysis to study the resilience on a model cheese reduced ecosystem
Frédéric Fer, Jean-Marie Beckerich, Béatrice Laroche, Sébastien Gaucel, Julie Aubert
Natural selection under limited population growth. Replicator dynamics and eco-evolutionary feedback
Krzysztof Argasinski
Evolutionary rescue of a pathogen: emergence of viral drug resistance
Helen Alexander
Effects of dispersal and plant genotype on a cyclic herbivore population
Frederic Barraquand, Karen Abbott, Bret Elderd, Rebecca Tyson, Christina Cobbold
Density-based approaches to interface models and data in root biology
Dimitris Kalogiros, Michael O. Adu, Xavier Draye, Mariya Ptashnyk, A. Glyn Bengougha, Lionel X. Dupuy
Control Theory Based Approaches to Dynamic Network Analysis
James Anderson
Digital Clock Modelling
Ozgur E Akman
The effect of T-cell homeostasis on solid and liquid tumors
Mark Robertson-Tessi, Derek Park, Adam Mailloux, Kimberly Luddy, Pearlie Burnette, Alexander Anderson
Out with the new, in with the old
David Basanta, Arturo Araujo, Color Lynch, Leah Cook, Shilpa Gupta, Jasreman Dhillon, Jong Park, Julio Pow Sang
Combining kinetic modeling and transcriptomic analysis to study the resilience on a model cheese reduced ecosystem
Frédéric Fer, Jean-Marie Beckerich, Sébastien Gaucel, Julie Aubert, Béatrice Laroche
Epidemiological feedbacks aect evolutionary emergence of pathogens
Matthew Harteld, Samuel Alizon
Identifying host immune factors that drive epidemic dynamics in a multi-scale model of tuberculosis
Giorgio Guzzetta, Marco Ajelli, Denise Kirschner, Stefano Merle