Chalmers Conferences, Transvaluation: Making the world matter

Spaces of Consequence: Scaling Collaborations of Artistic and Transdisciplinary Research
Julie Harboe

Last modified: 2015-08-21


The paper presents an experimental visualisation of four different research environments where multi disciplinary and art research teams collaborate with strong motivation to share and actively develop new approaches to learning, knowledge and to research itself. The resulting images and their layered composites reflect space, time frames, and energies as defining characteristics of the collaborations.

Instead of focusing on research as driven by application and evaluation processes that encourage rationalization and reproduction one might find that the ‘shapes and shaping’ of research environments hold keys both to understanding the potential of the work processes and to a larger awareness of the entanglement of individual positions, resources and methods.

Artistic and transdisciplinary research do not align well with current inflexible evaluation systems and product focused research strategies. In particular this research’ lack of adaptability might suggest that such practices rely on other and transvaluating forms of incentives and organisational structures.


Artistic research, transdisciplinarity, collaboration, scaling

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