Chalmers Conferences, Transvaluation: Making the world matter

Fabric Cycle - (un)earthed
Sarah Burger

Last modified: 2015-08-17


In my paper for the conference TRANSVALUATION I will present my work “Fabric (Cycle)”. It is a seven-part series of sculptures. The starting materials I use are degradable fabric and a polyester thread, with which I draw or sew, more precisely, abstract-ornamental, architectural structures into the fabric. I then bury these seven starting objects in different places, which all have their own geological particularities, and leave them to the decomposition process. I observe and document this process by unearthing and reburying the sculptures repeatedly during roughly three weeks. The description of this artwork is enriched with associative reflections on object-oriented ontology, linguistic structuralism, Gestalt phenomenology and some thoughts about the visibility of artworks. Based on these considerations I propose to understand artworks as ruins, in order to fully embrace their interobjective coexistence.


Artwork, process-oriented, Materiality, duration


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