Chalmers Conferences, Transvaluation: Making the world matter

Regimes of value and waterscapes of uncertainty - Co-creating values in urban landscapes
Katrina Marstrand Wiberg

Last modified: 2015-08-20


Discussions on climate change and adaptation are closely connected to the concepts of value and valuation. Forecasts are based in numerical values, ´hard facts´, seeking assessments of plausible future scenarios by qualifying uncertainties in order to provide knowledge to inform actions and priorities. However, such knowledge does not in and of itself gives direction to action. To address complexity and uncertainty as qualified as possible, different modes of knowledge production, collaboration and aspects of values must be taken into consideration. Questions of value and action in relation to climate change adaptation in the context of handling water could be: HOW do we engage with waterscapes of uncertainty AND potentials of value? This paper suggests seeing water as a mediator and that in order to engage differentiating values, it is necessary to acknowledge underlying justifications. This is explored through cases and forms the point of view of this paper.


Values; justification; waterscapes; co-creation; urban landscapes; climate change


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