Chalmers Conferences, Transvaluation: Making the world matter

Are You Ready for a Wet Live-In? (Or, the How of Ms. Howe)
Janna Holmstedt

Last modified: 2015-08-18


In this paper I will touch upon what it means to be conditioned by discourse, the murderous aspects of science, language lessons for animals, and the bodies that always seem to be left out of the equation. The erasure of the body has a long history. We are heavily influenced, as Katherine Hayles writes, by the cultural perception that information and materiality are conceptually distinct, and the dichotomies it sustains sit deep within our language and thinking. We tend not to see the doings, the care taken and given, the how. The matter in hand usually unfolds while we are busy looking elsewhere – for the story, the information, or the so-called content. I work with participatory performances, and in an attempt to map out some of the multisensory processes at play when composing situated experiences such as these, I’ve been using the terms “morphe” and “oraliture”.


communication; multisensory; orality; performativity; situated experiences; visual arts


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