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Architectural Flirtations, formerly known as critique
Brady Burroughs

Last modified: 2015-08-17


With this chapter, I aim to briefly describe and position the key concepts that form the central idea of my forthcoming dissertation, I hate architecture <3: Architectural Flirtations, formerly known as critique. It explores the words I use in the (working) title, “architectural”, “flirtations” and “critique,” in relation to ideas about architects and their formation, staked out by Dana Cuff in her chapter “The Making of an Architect” from 1991. In revisiting the central aspects that contribute to making a culture of architects, what Cuff describes as ‘enculturation’, “…a process that transforms layperson into architect through the knowledge, experience, and authority gained over the course of a career,” with a specific focus on education, I propose an intentional and continuous displacing of “the center,” as a strategy to “clear ground” for more ethical, socially-conscious and generous architectural conversations.


architectural; flirtation; critique; Camp; queer


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