Chalmers Conferences, The 6th Swedish Production Symposium

Induction Heating of Carbon Fiber Structures– Properties and Challenges
Kenneth Frogner, Oscar Wiberg, Ville Akujärvi, Tord Cedell, Mats Andersson

Last modified: 2014-11-25


Carbon fiber reinforced plastic is constantly gaining market shares due to its unique properties. By heating this kind of materials using induction, many new applications occur. The high resistivity and aniso tropic properties of carbon fiber composites means there are a number of challenges to overcome. This work emphasizes the key components related to induction heating of complex materials and present ways to characterize the important properties using non-contact methods. Successful experimental results are presented and the work also shows very good agreement between measurements and simulations.


Induction heating, Carbon fiber, CFRP, resistivity measurement

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