Chalmers Conferences, LCM 2013

K. Silvennoinen, O. Korhonen

Last modified: 2014-09-11


The focus of this research is to produce detailed information on amounts
and types of avoidable food waste in households using sampling analysis in
landfill. We sorted and weighed food by its type e.g. vegetables, bread,
fruits, potatoes, meat etc. Also we sorted food being in unopen packages,
opened packages and without packages. Amounts of food waste varied by
type of the housing. When extrapolated amounts for one year, largest food
waste amounts was resulted houses with only one or 2-9 apartments (25-30
kg/pp), and the least houses with more than 20 apartments (15 kg/pp). The
monetary value of food waste was also examined.


food waste; households; type of housing; packages; Finland


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