Chalmers Conferences, LCM 2013

C. Hidalgo, D. Gálvez-González, G. Janer, M. Escamilla, S. Vázquez-Campos

Last modified: 2014-09-11


LCA is a suitable method to assess the environmental performance of nanotechnology-based products, although challenges remain due to uncertainties and data gaps. LEITAT participates in different European projects, such as NANOMICEX, NANOPOLYTOX, NEXTEC, EUROTAPES and NANOSOLUTIONS, which contribute in filling in these gaps. Selected representative nanotechnology-based products were modelled, including all life cycle stages: raw materials, synthesis, functionalization, product manufacturing, use and end-of-life processes. When human health and ecotoxicological impact factors for released nanoparticles are integrated in LCA models, results show that their potential effect can be relevant in toxicity categories; thus such factors should be included to LCA approaches. Toxicity to workers is likely to be more relevant, so combined approaches of LCA and Risk Assessment (RA) are proposed.


LCA; nanomaterials; modelling; environmental impact; human health


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