Chalmers Conferences, LCM 2013

Hanne Lerche Raadal

Last modified: 2014-09-11


Electricity consumption represents an important input to almost all
environmental analyses and reports. When introducing Guarantees of Origin
(GO) and Electricity Disclosure according to the European Renewable
Energy Directive (2009/26/EC) and Electricity Market Directive
(2009/72/EC), respectively, a system allowing informed consumer choice
was established. A GO represents both a tracking instrument and a
contractual obligation between suppliers and customers, and can therefore
be used to allocate specific electricity generation to specific end-user. An
important precondition is the calculation of corresponding Residual Mixes.
There is a need for reaching an internationally common understanding
regarding the principle of whether GOs should be allowed, or not, for
environmental reporting in order to make fair comparisons between


environmental reporting; electricity; Guarantee of Origin; green power


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