Chalmers Conferences, LCM 2013

Marc-Andree Wolf, Kirana Chomkhamsri, Fulvio Ardente

Last modified: 2014-09-11


This paper guides the application of ISO 14044 for closed- and open-loop
recycling (including for multi-material products), energy recovery, and
reuse/further use, based on the provisions of the “ILCD Handbook –
General guide on LCA” [EC 2010] and converted into a quantitative
formula for the first time. This “ILCD Recyclability substitution” approach
takes into account both the input of recycled material into the product
(recycled content) and the quantity and quality of recycled material
generated at the end-of-life of the product (recyclability, multi-functionality
of the material), via "expansion of the system boundary to avoid allocation".
It captures both physical reality and market-based effects.


LCA; method; end-of-life; multifunctionality; ILCD


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