Chalmers Conferences, LCM 2013

Till M. Bachmann, Jonathan van der Kamp

Last modified: 2014-09-11


As a new feature under the European Union’s Industrial Emissions
Directive, plant operators can apply for less strict emission limit values on
the basis of the disproportionate cost principle, comparing environmental
benefits to (private) costs. This study aims to assess to what extent the
proportionality of emission abatement options depends on different
environmental and technical settings. Through a cost-benefit analysis,
private costs of retrofitting and operating a DeNOx at a typical coal-fired
power plant at varied Western European locations are confronted with
associated monetised environmental benefits, quantified with the tool
EcoSenseWeb. Results are shown to be sensitive to the environmental
setting and the operating time per year. Further methodological
development is needed to make the assessment more robust.


Cost Benefit Analysis; external cost; industrial emission


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