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ARCH12 An international perspective: How Scandinavia can benefit from research on healthcare environments Abstract
Roger Ulrich
ARCH12 Architecture for the silvering society - Architecture competitions as innovators of space for frail older people Abstract
Jonas E. Andersson, Magnus Rönn
ARCH12 Artwalks and healthcare architecture as curatorial space Abstract
Henric Benesch
ARCH12 Att översätta och anpassa ett engelskt instrument för bedömning av fysisk miljö på särskilt boende till svenska förhållanden -utmaningar och erfarenheter Abstract
Susanna Nordin, Marie Elf, Kevin McKee, Helle Wijk
ARCH12 Design features supporting optimal use of electric lighting: Testing a conceptual framework for human interaction with lighting control devices in hospital environments Abstract
Pimkamol Maleetipwan-Mattsson, Thorbjörn Laike, Maria Johansson
ARCH12 Elderly Living Development in China - Comparing Swedish Situation Abstract
ARCH12 Environmental qualities in supported housing facilities for people with severe mental illness: an investigation of separate levels of the environment Abstract
E. Marcheschi, M. Johansson, D. Brunt, T. Laike
ARCH12 Evidenced-based and sustainable design in a high tech hospital environment - a challenge for the future Abstract
Sepideh Olausson, Marie Engwall, Lotta Johansson
ARCH12 Experience of prequalification in competitions for new housing for the elderly Abstract
Jonas E. Andersson, Magnus Rönn
ARCH12 Healing Architecture - Space for relations Abstract
M.B. Folmer, M.F. Mullins, A.K. Fransen
ARCH12 Healing environments in existing buildings – case Finnish rehabilitation centers Abstract
Heidi Rasila, Heidi Salonen, Suvi Nenonen
ARCH12 Integrated Model for Teaching to Design Complex Healthcare Environments in Architectural Education Abstract
Peter Fröst, Björn Gross
ARCH12 Kan man kvalitetssäkra lokalprogram? En grupp lokalplanerare om användbarheten av ett granskningsinstrument av lokalprogram Abstract
Marie Elf, Helle Wijk
ARCH12 Lean Thinking and Target Value Design: Overcoming the Hurdle of First Cost Abstract
Zofia K. Rybkowski
ARCH12 Mapping a framework for co-design in healthcare projects: An empirical study Abstract
Johanna Eriksson, Peter Fröst, Nina Ryd
ARCH12 Operations Management in Healthcare – principles for creating swift even patient flow and increased accessibility Abstract
Torbjörn Jacobsson
ARCH12 Post-occupancy evaluation of small-scale group-living in larger scale nursing homes Abstract
Pauline Mourits
ARCH12 Programme Re-Configuration: Hospital Buildings, Internal and External Workflow Conditions, and Communicatory Benefits Abstract
Daniel Koch, Jesper Steen, Gunnar Öhlén
ARCH12 Promoting design quality in the community residences for the elderly: A comparison between high- vs. low-humanization structures in Sardinia (Italy) Abstract
Veronica Cerina, Ferdinando Fornara
ARCH12 Residential Healthcare - Evaluation of apartment layouts for senior persons Abstract
Inga Malmqvist
ARCH12 The Dreams and Needs of the Housing for the Elderly - User study in two sheltered houses in Helsinki area Abstract
Ira Verma
ARCH12 The Power of Architecture Abstract
Hennu Kjisik
ARCH12 Towards a design theory for reducing aggression in psychiatric facilities Abstract
Roger S. Ulrich, Lennart Bogren, Stefan Lundin
ARCH12 Use of exit concealment techniques to reduce the unwanted exit attempts in nursing homes: an exploratory study Abstract
Pauline Mourits, Eliane Schreuder, Sanja Durmisevic
ARCH12 Value Driven ICT for the Briefing Process Abstract
Charlotte Bruun, Peter Johansson, Kaj Granath
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